Why I admire Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall
Source: motherearthnews.com

Jane Goodall was born in London, England on April 3, 1934. She studies and takes care of chimpanzees. She worked in Africa. At first, she worked in Kenya and three years later, she went to Tanzania. She is the most famous primatologist in the whole world. I really admire her because, despite her age, she is committed to her work. Chimpanzees are similar to people in appearance. Her job is dangerous because it’s possible to be killed by chimpanzee hunters. However, she isn’t afraid at all. In 1975, she established “The Jane Goodall Institute” to research, educate, and protect wild animals. After learning about Jane Goodall’s career, I can understand why she is called the Mother of Chimpanzees.

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