Phoebe the troublemaker

My cousin Phoebe has been staying at Grandma’s house for more than two weeks. Thanks to her, we have suffered from nightmares every night since then. She has caused so much trouble.

First, she tells lies to Grandma. Then Grandma always scolds Iris and me. Phoebe doesn’t like me very much. So, if she gets angry, she tells likes to Grandma like “Ivy punched me!” and cries.┬áIt is really unfair that Grandma trusts Phoebe more than me. She thinks young children can’t tell lies, but Phoebe isn’t a normal child. She is like the devil!

Second, she makes our house messy. When she finishes playing, she doesn’t clean up her toys and dolls. So Iris and I have to clean them up. It is really unfair.

And Phoebe is hateful! Sometimes she pees on the floor. It smells really bad! She is 6 years old, so I can’t understand why she pees on the floor.

Third, we can’t concentrate on our work. When I study or do my work, she disturbs me. She comes to me and says, “Play with me!”, “Turn on the television!”, and so on . . .

Fourth, she speaks rudely to us. If she gets angry, she says, “You are a pig, a fool, a stupid girl!” I get very angry, so I say, “Be quiet! You are a bigger pig and fool!” Then she cries. Then Grandmas scolds me.

I really hate this routine!

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