Breakfast in the afternoon

I had a simple snack this afternoon: a cherry pomegranate toaster pastry. I brought a box over from my trip to America. This simple pastry is filled with jam and covered with a candy-like icing. You can eat them straight out of the wrapper, but they taste much better if you warm them up first in a toaster or toaster oven. American children enjoy these sometimes at breakfast. The most popular brand is Pop-Tarts by Kellogg’s, but I bought my at Trader Joe’s, a trendy supermarket chain in America.

Toaster pastries are delicious but not very good for your health. Eating them is like eating a cookie. I don’t think I’ve had one in over twenty years. Eating one of these is not only fun but also¬†brings back fun memories of my childhood.

Toaster pastry

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  1. i loved your idea! i made them for my frieds at vateelinns day, and they loved them! for a twist, i suggest you could use gold tinfoil or holiday themed wrapping for holidays! also, for the peppermint ones i just use white polymer clay, and bits of aactual candy cane.

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