Yesterday I saw the movie Romeo and Juliet. I’ve read the book Romeo and Juliet lots of times but saw the movie for the first time. I thought the movie would be boring. But actually it was really interesting. It is the modern version of Romeo and Juliet but the story and dialogue are the same. Leonardo DiCaprio is really handsome in the movie. But now, he is just like an obese uncle.

Leonard DiCaprio

Leonard DiCaprio, 2014

Claire Danes doesn’t seem pretty. Iris and I think DiCaprio is wasted on her. She is not who I had in mind for Juliet.

My favorite scene is when the two main characters first meet. It is unrealistic but so lovely.

Romeo and Juliet


I am fourteen years old. My role model is United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. Someday I will be a diplomat like him.

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