Yesterday, I saw the movie Titanic. The characters are played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. An expedition found The Titanic – Ship of Dreams. They have wanted a diamond in a safe, but they can’t it and discover a photo of a woman. The woman in the picture is wearing the diamond necklace. One grandmother sees this on the TV news and calls the expedition team. She says she is the woman in the picture. So the expedition takes her on the expedition. That grandmother tells her story to the team.

Rose boards the Titanic with her fiance and her mother. She always suffers from the strict social order of the early 20th century. Jack wins a ticket for the Titanic from gambling 5 minutes before the ship sets sail. The third-class passenger Jack see the first-class passenger Rose and falls in love with her. By chance that night Jack sees Rose try to commit suicide. He saves her with his witty speaking ability. So Rose’s fiance invites Jack to a dinner party in the 1st class cabin. After the dinner party, they go to the 3rd-class cabin’s party and they fall in love with each other. After that, no one can stop their forbidden love.

DeCaprio is really cool. 🙂


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