Very sour candy

Eating Sour Patch Kids

Today Charles Teacher gave me some presents. One was a Marvel comic book. The other was jelly candy. The comic book was fun, but the candy was very sour.

Today Charles teacher gave me a present.One was a book and onother one was jelly.The comicbook was fun.But the jelly was very sour!Comicbook was marvel comicbook.

Eating Sour Patch Kids
Eating Sour Patch Kids

Mechanical Girl

Mechanical Girl (sketchbook)

Today I drew a picture of Mechanical Girl. It took ten minutes. It was very difficult but easy, too. She has a container on her back.

Today I drew Mechanical Girl.It take 10 minutes.Ot was very difficult.But it was easy too.she has a contianer on back.

Mechanical Girl

Blue moon

Today I saw a blue moon. It was very big. So my family thought it was a Super Moon. I searched the Internet and learned that blue moons are hard to find. It was a very lucky day!

Today I saw blue moon.It was very big.So my family thought that was Super moon.I serch the internet.At internet Bluemoon is very hard to see.It was very luky day.

A blue moon

Kinder Joy

My Kinder Joy

Today I bought a Kinder Joy. Kinder Joy is a chocolate that is half chocolate and half toy. I bought it at GS25. The toy was just a top, so I was very disappointed. Still, it was fun to play with.

Today I bought Kinder joy.Kinder joy is a chocolate that half is chocolate and half is toy.I bought at GS25.It was a top.I was very dissapionted.But it was very good to play.

My Kinder Joy
My Kinder Joy


Caribbean Bay

Today I went to Caribbean Bay with my dad and my sister. It was a lot of fun! We went to the Sandy Pool, rode slides, and went to the wading pool. For dinner we went to VIPS.

Today I went to carribeanbay with my sister and my dad.It was too fun.We went sandyfool.Then we went to ride slide.Then we went usepool.Then we went to Vips.


It was raining when I went home today. But I didn’t have an umbrella. So I got very wet! And I was really cold! My mom had to be at the cafe, so she couldn’t pick me up at school. My mom was very wet, too!

Today I was going home it was raininng.But I didn’t have umbrella. So I was weted very much.So I was very cold.My mom was at cafe.So my mom does’nt came to school.My mom was very wet too!

My dad’s phone

Today I drew my dad’s phone. It was easy! The picture is of Naver’s homepage. I like going to Naver to look at blogs, cafes, and webtoons. Naver has everything!

Today I drew my dad’s phone.It was easy.This picture is Naver homepage.I like to do see Naver blog,cafe,and webtoon.Naver teaches everythings!

A picture of my dad's phone
A picture of my dad’s phone


Mint Choco Frappe at my dad's coffee shop

This afternoon I watched Gundam at my dad’s coffee shop. Then I drank a Mint Choco Frappe. It was very yummy. My dad said, “If you drink too much Mint Choco Frappe, you will get fat.” So, I only drank half a glass.

Today at afternoon  I watched Gudam at my dad’s coffe shop.Then I drinked  Mint choco Frappe.I was very yummy.My dad say too much drinking Mint choco Frappe you will be fat.So I ate half of cup.

Mint Choco Frappe at my dad's coffee shop
Mint Choco Frappe at my dad’s coffee shop