An historical concert

I’m very excited for my friend, violinist Won Hyung-joon. He has organized a concert that will be performed by musicians from both North and South Korea. The concert will take place at the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) on the evening of August 15, Korea’s Liberation Day when Japan surrendered to the Allies, ending World War II.

Many news articles have already been written about the upcoming concert. The most recent one I’ve seen is from the Korea Joongnang Daily.

Independence Gate, Seoul
Independence Gate, Seoul
Source: 원형준’s Facebook page

There will first be a concert at Independence Gate (서대문구 독립문) on Thursday, August 13. Then the real concert will take place when the Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra goes to the Joint Security Area (JSA) in Panmunjom to meet a 70-member North Korean choir. The orchestra will perform Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 “Choral”. Then the North Korean choir will sing a version of “Arirang”. There is only one possible problem: the North Korean choir may not show up.

If the North Korean choir does show up and the two countries do perform together, this concert will be an historical event that may help improve relations between North and South Korea.

I am wishing my friend, the musicians, and everyone involved in this important concert a very successful event. I’m very excited!

One People, One Harmony

Recipe: Rapokki

Tomorrow I will make rabokki (라볶이) for my English club. Here is a simple recipe.


  • water – 700 ml
  • rice cake – 150 g
  • dried ramyeon noodles (sari-myeon) – 92 g
  • cabbage – 90 g
  • fish cake – 70 g
  • red pepper powder (gochu-garu)
  • red pepper paste (gochu-jang)
  • sugar
  • soy sauce

How to cook

  1. Place the soup ingredients and seasoning in a deep pan.
  2. When it gets to a boil, put in the rice cake and boil everything for about 5 minutes.
  3. Put onion and cabbage in the pan and boil it for 5 minutes more.
  4. Put in the dried ramyeon noodles and fish cake them.

The rabokki is finished!

Birthday of David Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven Beckham

David Beckham and his daughter Harper

This is an article I wrote for my English club newspaper The Eojeong Post.

Former soccer player David Beckham recently celebrated his daughter Harper’s birthday.

On July 11th, David Beckham posted a happy birthday message with a picture of himself and his daughter Harper. He said, “Sweet dreams my little 4 year old. I think Harper Seven has had a fun packed day with her little friends. Good night little lady ❤”.

David Beckham and his daughter Harper
David Beckham and his daughter Harper
SOURCE: Facebook

Photo contains the image of Beckham and Harper wearing a party hat. Harper wears her blonde hair down as Beckham kisses her shoulder.

In 1999, David Beckham married Victoria Beckham. They have three sons and one daughter.

Why I admire Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall was born in London, England on April 3, 1934. She studies and takes care of chimpanzees. She worked in Africa. At first, she worked in Kenya and three years later, she went to Tanzania. She is the most famous primatologist in the whole world. I really admire her because, despite her age, she is committed to her work. Chimpanzees are similar to people in appearance. Her job is dangerous because it’s possible to be killed by chimpanzee hunters. However, she isn’t afraid at all. In 1975, she established “The Jane Goodall Institute” to research, educate, and protect wild animals. After learning about Jane Goodall’s career, I can understand why she is called the Mother of Chimpanzees.