Broiled eels

My mother-in-law was in the mood to eat broiled eel, so she invited us out to a great restaurant in Gapyeong. The restaurant was a lot of fun because we could broil the eels ourselves. We weren’t very good at it at first. We burned several pieces. But soon we got the hang of it. We ate pieces of eel wrapped in lettuce and ginger. Yum! My wife told me eel is very good for our health. So, it was a lunch that was delicious and nutritious!

Broiled eel in Gapyeong
Broiled eel in Gapyeong

Minion figures

Minions figures

Weather: hot

Recently I got two Minion figures at McDonald’s. When I ordered a Happy Meal, I got a Minion figure. I went to McDonald’s twice, so now I have two Minions. One is Stuart, and the other is a soldier Minion. Stuart can sing and the soldier can walk. I love them! When my mom saw them she said they were so cute. I think so, too! Minions are my favorite characters because they are so cute. I will keep them on my desk.

Minions figures
My Minions

Iron Man

Iron Man fight scene

Today I saw the movie Iron Man on my dad’s phone. The most impressive scene was when Iron Man fights the bad guy at the end of the movie. I hadn’t seen a movie for a month, so I think the movie was more fun!

Today I saw the movie Iron Man on my dads phone.The most impressive scence was when Iron Man fights the bad guy at the end of the movie.I haven’t seen a movie for a month, so I think the movie was more fun!

Iron Man movie poster

An historical concert

I’m very excited for my friend, violinist Won Hyung-joon. He has organized a concert that will be performed by musicians from both North and South Korea. The concert will take place at the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) on the evening of August 15, Korea’s Liberation Day when Japan surrendered to the Allies, ending World War II.

Many news articles have already been written about the upcoming concert. The most recent one I’ve seen is from the Korea Joongnang Daily.

Independence Gate, Seoul
Independence Gate, Seoul
Source: 원형준’s Facebook page

There will first be a concert at Independence Gate (서대문구 독립문) on Thursday, August 13. Then the real concert will take place when the Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra goes to the Joint Security Area (JSA) in Panmunjom to meet a 70-member North Korean choir. The orchestra will perform Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 “Choral”. Then the North Korean choir will sing a version of “Arirang”. There is only one possible problem: the North Korean choir may not show up.

If the North Korean choir does show up and the two countries do perform together, this concert will be an historical event that may help improve relations between North and South Korea.

I am wishing my friend, the musicians, and everyone involved in this important concert a very successful event. I’m very excited!

One People, One Harmony