Columbus Adventure at Everland. (Photo: Charles Ian Chun)

Today I went to Everland. The first thing I rode was so scary at first, but it wasn’t scary after that. Then we rode the roller coaster, the Viking, and bumper cars. Also, we ate a lot of food like popcorn, hamburgers, and ice cream. I was tired when we got home, but it was a fun day!



Yesterday, Phoebe’s parents (my aunt and uncle) and her younger brother Philip came to Grandma’s house. Philip is a 3-year-old boy, but he’s really active. So my family has difficulty with him. Phoebe is a 6-year-old girl but she looks like an elementary school student. Philip likes me very much, so he always follows me. He doesn’t always listen.

Sometimes he acts like a little, cute baby. He imitates a gorilla, a tiger, a dog, a cat, and a gumiho (a 9-tailed fox). My favorite is his gumiho. He holds his head and howls, “Ahooh~!” He is really cute! I have fallen in love with him. ♥

Gumiho (구미호)
Source: serialecoreene.ro

Phoebe the troublemaker

My cousin Phoebe has been staying at Grandma’s house for more than two weeks. Thanks to her, we have suffered from nightmares every night since then. She has caused so much trouble.

First, she tells lies to Grandma. Then Grandma always scolds Iris and me. Phoebe doesn’t like me very much. So, if she gets angry, she tells likes to Grandma like “Ivy punched me!” and cries. It is really unfair that Grandma trusts Phoebe more than me. She thinks young children can’t tell lies, but Phoebe isn’t a normal child. She is like the devil!

Second, she makes our house messy. When she finishes playing, she doesn’t clean up her toys and dolls. So Iris and I have to clean them up. It is really unfair.

And Phoebe is hateful! Sometimes she pees on the floor. It smells really bad! She is 6 years old, so I can’t understand why she pees on the floor.

Third, we can’t concentrate on our work. When I study or do my work, she disturbs me. She comes to me and says, “Play with me!”, “Turn on the television!”, and so on . . .

Fourth, she speaks rudely to us. If she gets angry, she says, “You are a pig, a fool, a stupid girl!” I get very angry, so I say, “Be quiet! You are a bigger pig and fool!” Then she cries. Then Grandmas scolds me.

I really hate this routine!

Dog dental health

Brushing our dog's teeth
Brushing our dog's teeth
Brushing our dog’s teeth

Dogs don’t like having their teeth brushed. Our dog is no exception. We use the kind of dog toothbrush that goes on your finger. In the past, after I would put toothpaste on the toothbrush, most of the toothpaste would end up on our dog’s fur because he would not hold still. Because of that, we didn’t brush his teeth and just depended on dog gum and his rope toy.

I have since learned I need to go slow. I let our dog lick the toothpaste off the toothbrush, which gives me a chance to go in and start brushing. He even opens his mouth, giving me a chance to brush the back of his teeth.

I’m not sure when he’ll enjoy having his teeth brushed. Until he does, I’ll keep using this trick to help him keep his teeth clean.

BBQ chicken dinner

Today I ate barbecued chicken. My mom made it for dinner. The sauce was a little spicy. I ate a lot of it. Yoon Woo liked it, too. And for dessert I ate cherries. I only had two. Yoon Woo ate the rest of them. I liked my dinner today.

My Best Gift: Love

The best gift I have ever received has been my parents’ love. I’m happy when my parents give love to me. So, they give big love to me. When I get love, I feel very happy. I can tell my friends my parents love me very much. Also, my parents kiss me a lot. When I grow up, I will buy a good house for my parents. But most importantly, I can grow up well because my parents always give me love. That’s really why it is the best gift I have ever received.