Korean traditional martial art: Taekkyon

Taekkyeon lesson

These days I am learning taekkyon with my friends at school. At the beginning of the “free semester”, we can choose any class we want. It’s similar to to a university’s class registration system.

Taekkyon resembles fluid dance movements. Players use kicks and an opponent’s moves to knock them down. Taekkyon is the first martial art to join the UNESCO World Heritage list. However, it has remained unknown to the world outside of Korea for centuries. During this time, Chinese kung fu and Japanese karate have become popular.

Today was my second taekkyon lesson, so it is still a little hard for me.

Taekkyeon lesson
Photo: Ji Soo

My ankle

My sprained ankle

Yesterday I sprained my ankle. It only hurt a little. But today at soccer, when I shot a goal, I sprained it again. It hurt so much, I couldn’t play anymore.

Yesterday I sprint my ankle.It was little hurt.But today at soccar when I shoot goal it sprint again.It was too hurt.so I  didn’t play soccar.

My sprained ankle

Hot soccer

Today at soccer there was a new student. My friends and I thought it was too hot to play. But our coach told us to play anyway. When we played, my team won! My best friend and I each scored a goal. We won 2:0! The other team didn’t score a goal.